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earth +‎ -less


earthless (not comparable)

  1. Without earth or soil.
    • 1825, Ralph Griffiths, G E Griffiths, The Monthly Review
      "It is," he says, "an earthless country, bordered by immense ice-islands, which are continually separating in the summer...
    • 1825, W T Sherwin, Richard Carlile, The Republican
      ...the Christians, having possession of that worthless, rocky, barren, earthless spot of land, called in Europe the Holy Land...
    • 1897, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Bulletin
      In the Yangtze gorges the wild form grows on cliffs in practically earthless ledges...
  2. (obsolete) Unearthly; not of the Earth.
    • 1834, Carl Spindler, The Jesuit the superstitious terrors of the sailors pointed towards this earthless visitant...