eaten bread is soon forgotten

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eaten bread is soon forgotten

  1. (Ireland) Kind deeds or favours are often forgotten by the beneficiary once they have been done.
    • 2008, Ciara Kelly, "We're paying the price of union power", Irish Independent, 6 July 2008:
      Promised increases in productivity following previous pay rises never materialised -- as eaten bread is soon forgotten -- but we'll be paying for the crumbs for a long time to come.
    • 2011, Mary Sullivan, "We must live on less, but can our TDs?", Irish Independent, 13 August 2011:
      Eaten bread is soon forgotten, as we do seem to quickly forget the immense funding we did receive from the EEC and then the EU over 30 years, culminating in almost IR£1bn in the late 1990s, under Albert Reynolds's time as Taoiseach.
    • 2012, Noreen Flynn, "Further pay cuts for teachers", The Irish Times, 27 February 2012:
      It is obvious that eaten bread is soon forgotten by anyone asking teachers to take another one for the team.