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From Latin eglomero, eglomeratus, from e- + glomeratus.


eglomerate (third-person singular simple present eglomerates, present participle eglomerating, simple past and past participle eglomerated)

  1. (rare, transitive, intransitive) To unwind, as a thread from a ball.
    • 1845, Heidelberg and the way thither:
      At another signal from Barelegs, their tails gradually eglomerated, and all joyfully made away from the shore, landing in the same order about seventy yards lower down.
    • 1969, Nandu Singh, Dayal yoga, page 5:
      They are a mighty force to reckon with; they are the most esteemed, revered and reverenced; they are the most liked and lovable kindly souls; they have no likes and dislikes; they are purely spiritual, they effuse effulgence and eglomerate all knots of man's obstacles, sufferings and worries, spiritual, mental and material.
    • 2015 June 16, Kate Kunkel, “Reclaiming Water from Oil Production”, in Valve magazine:
      They attach themselves to the eglomerated solids and oil particles and lift them to the surface of the water.

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