electoral fraud

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electoral fraud (uncountable)

  1. (politics) Illegal interference with the process of an election, especially with the intent to stage a desired election outcome.
    • 1839, Charles Buller, ‎Edward Gibbon Wakefield, The Report and Despatches of the Earl of Durham:
      The taking such measures, in order to secure their fair right of voting to the electors in a particular interest, must be considered rather as an act of official favouritism, than as an electoral fraud.
    • 1882, M. Valentine Chirol, “Bulgaria”, in The Fortnightly Review, volume 36, page 293:
      He has saddled the finances of the Principality with the costs of a huge electoral fraud.
    • 2015, Isabela Mares, From Open Secrets to Secret Voting:
      In addition to the strength of the Social Democratic candidates, I also examined the relationship between other political factors and the incidence of electoral fraud.