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From em- +‎ blaze.


emblaze (third-person singular simple present emblazes, present participle emblazing, simple past and past participle emblazed)

  1. (transitive) To kindle; set ablaze.
  2. (transitive) To adorn with glittering embellishments; cause to glitter or shine.
  3. (transitive, poetic) To illuminate; to etch or display in a bright, fiery way; blazon.
    • 1915, Robert Tuttle Morris, Doctors Versus Folks
      When a window screen is emblazed with a pretty design, one cannot look into the room beyond because of arrest of vision by the figure upon the screen.
    • 1997, Delerium (band), Euphoria (Firefly) (song)
      This feeling emblazed inside. / Every nerve like a firefly.

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