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1485, from Old French emblayement, emblaiment (harvest, crop), from emblaer, emblaier, emblader (French emblaver, to sow with grain), from Medieval Latin imblādāre (to sow with grain), from im- + blādum (French blé, grain), from Frankish *blād (produce), from Proto-Germanic *blēdaz, *blēdō (flower, leaf), from Proto-Indo-European *bhlēdh-, *bhlō(w)-, *bhol- (to flower; leaf). Cognate with Old High German blāt (flower, blossom, prosperity), Middle Dutch blaad (leaf), Old English blǣd (shoot, flower, fruit, harvest, wealth). More at bloom.


emblement (plural emblements)

  1. (law) An annual crop produced by cultivation, treated as personal property.