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  1. present participle and gerund of encounter


encountering (plural encounterings)

  1. An encounter; a meeting.
    • 2010, Hans Rainer Sepp, Lester E. Embree, Handbook of Phenomenological Aesthetics, page 218:
      This is still a species of reflection because it thematizes encounterings and things-as-encountered, even if they do not occur in the mental life of the person reflectively observing them.


encountering (comparative more encountering, superlative most encountering)

  1. (obsolete) Fit for an encounter or battle.
    • c. 1587–1588, [Christopher Marlowe], Tamburlaine the Great. [] The First Part [], 2nd edition, part 1, London: [] [R. Robinson for] Richard Iones, [], published 1592, →OCLC; reprinted as Tamburlaine the Great (A Scolar Press Facsimile), Menston, Yorkshire, London: Scolar Press, 1973, →ISBN, Act II, scene vi:
      Let vs put on our meet incountering mindes,
      And in deteſting ſuch a diueliſh Thiefe,
      In loue of honor and defence of right
      Be arm’d againſt the hate of ſuch a foe,
      Whether from earth, or hell, or heauen he grow.