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Borrowing from Middle French estimable.


estimable ‎(comparative more estimable, superlative most estimable)

  1. Worthy of esteem; admirable.
    • 1868, Louisa May Alcott, Little Women, ch. 22,
      Mr. March told . . . how devoted Brooke had been, and how he was altogether a most estimable and upright young man.
  2. (archaic) Valuable.
    • 1596, William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, act 1, scene 3:
      A pound of man's flesh taken from a man
      Is not so estimable, profitable neither,
      As flesh of muttons, beefs, or goats.
  3. Capable of being estimated.
    • 1928, Louis Kahlenberg and Norbert Barwasser, "On the time of Absorption and Excretion of Boric Acid in Man," Journal of Biological Chemistry, volume 79, iss. 2, page 406:
      After this time boric acid is always present in estimable amounts.


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From estimer +‎ -able


estimable (masculine and feminine, plural estimables)

  1. estimable, creditable
  2. esteemed

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estimable m, f ‎(plural estimables)

  1. esteemed, admirable
  2. estimable (capable of being estimated)

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