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Alternative forms[edit]


From eye +‎ opener.


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eye-opener (plural eye-openers)

  1. (literally) Something that causes the eyes to open, or that opens the eyes.
  2. (informal) Something that provides a sudden insight, or makes something clear that was previously mysterious.
  3. (informal, idiomatic) A startling or shocking revelation.
    A visit to the slaughterhouse was a real eye-opener to anyone who thought they understood where their food came from.
  4. (informal, euphemistic) A strong alcoholic beverage, especially one consumed in the morning.
    As soon as I got on the plane I asked the flight attendant for an eye-opener, but all he had to offer was orange juice.
  5. (informal) An attractive woman.
    • 1943 August 19, “It's high time you met ANN MILLER”, in Good Morning, number 106, London: Royal Navy Submarine Branch, OCLC 221590421, page 1:
      Seems appropriate that Ann Miller should be in Columbia's "Reveille With Beverly." We've never seen anyone capable of "showing a leg" more attractively. At close range, too, she's an eye-opener.
    • 1998, Charles Panati, Sexy Origins and Intimate Things, New York: Penguin Books, →ISBN, page 274:
      A woman cycling in a skirt was a hazard to herself and an eye-opener for men on the sidelines every time she raised a leg or fell off her bike.
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Related terms[edit]