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fall +‎ way.


  • Hyphenation: fall‧way


fallway (plural fallways)

  1. (US) A well or opening, through the successive floors of a factory or warehouse or the decks of a ship, providing access for goods, material, or people.
    • 1940, “School Building Problems Solved by Kernerators”, in American School & University, volume 12, page 113, column 2:
      In existing buildings where no flue is available either large enough to provide a fallway or located conveniently for hopper doors, a basement-fed KERNERATOR provides all of the advantages except the hopper-door convenience
  2. A hydraulic canal, as for a water-powered mill.
    • 1935, Louis Fischer, Soviet Journey:
      The remaining fallways are dry; the water that would otherwise beautify them is caught by the maw of the power station

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