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figuring (plural figurings)

  1. Calculation.
    • 2008, Patricia Murphy & Kathy Hall, Learning and Practice: Agency and Identities, →ISBN, page 157:
      Alternative figurings may be available for interpreting the everyday, and alternative ways of figuring systems of privilege may be developed in contestations over social arrangements.
    • 2011, Tim Sandlin, Western Swing: A Novel, →ISBN, page 270:
      By my figuring, he couldn't have been much over forty, but sagging, bleached-out skin and a gray to balding head made him look sixty.
  2. Structure, design, or arrangement; figure.
    • 1863, Herrman S. Saroni, Musical Grammar:
      We must remember, however, that all these figurings are written with reference to the tonic signature.
    • 1894, The Clothier and Furnisher - Volume 23, page 60:
      These webbings are made in innumerable fine patternings, with silk mixtures in the design, in narrow stripings and small figurings.
  3. Representation.
    • 2011, Vincent J. Hausmann, Cinema, Technologies of Visibility, and the Reanimation of Desire, →ISBN, page 35:
      Yet when we examine how Mendes's film figures the behind, as it were, behind the father, when we look closely at the film's figurings of anality in the father/son relation, we do not see an insistence that traces of a radical Otherness emerge in figurings of archaic relations and in turn challenge problematic, idealized claims that relations between men can transcend Symbolic mediation.

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  1. present participle of figure