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Named after journalist Robert Fisk (for the surname, see Fisk). Originated in the blogosphere.


fisking (plural fiskings)

  1. A rebuttal to an article or blog made by quoting its content in sections and refuting each section individually.
    • 2004, Barbara O'Brien, Blogging America: Political Discourse in a Digital Nation, page 44:
      By 2004 the word fisking had broken its tether from the topic of war and was being used to mean any detailed analysis of another's speech and writing.
    • 2006, Peter Wood, A Bee in the Mouth: Anger in America Now, page 246:
      As Linda Seebach put it, fisking is "line by line exegesis of idiocy," named after "journalist Robert Fisk, who often deserves it." Fisking is now a widely practiced technique.

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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


fisking f or m (definite singular fiskinga or fiskingen, uncountable)

  1. fishing
  2. (in sports) to wait around the opponent's goal waiting for a pass