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Alternative forms[edit]


flannel-mouthed (comparative more flannel-mouthed, superlative most flannel-mouthed)

  1. Possessing, characterized by, or in the manner of speaking of a flannelmouth.
    1. Smooth and persuasive in speech, especially in order to deceive or manipulate.
      • 1913, Gene Stratton-Porter, chapter 16, in Laddie: A True Blue Story:
        I went to her, sat close beside her and tried snuggling up a little. It worked. . . . "I can get them," I said just as flannel-mouthed as ever I could, like all of us talked to her now.
    2. Unclear, muffled, or halting in speech.
      • 2004 February 22, Joe Klein, “Beware Flannel-Mouth Disease!”, in Time:
        [N]ot only does Kerry have a flannel-mouthed inability to utter a simple sentence, but his orotundities also serve to reinforce the notion that the Senator from Massachusetts is a patrician stiff, too smug to speak in a manner decipherable by ordinary Americans.