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flat +‎ -ie


flattie (plural flatties)

  1. Alternative form of flatty
  2. (informal) A flat white (type of coffee).
  3. (slang) A flat store.
    • 2008, Darryl Wimberley, Kaleidoscope, page 96:
      All the rube had to do was throw a baseball into a barrel and get a prize. How hard could that be? But the barrel was rigged with a false bottom as resilient as a trampoline so that a ball thrown from the specified distance invariably bounced out. Not everything was a flattie.
  4. A flat-bottomed sloop-rigged sharpie.
    • 1982, Frederick Tilp, The Chesapeake Bay of Yore: Mainly about the Rowing and Sailing Craft:
      Flatties were in use on Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds of North Carolina, employed for shoal water fishing and trapping and usually manned by black boatmen ... no duck-hunting or use of guns was allowed by the local white men.
    • 1993 -, Reuel B. Parker -, The Sharpie Book, →ISBN, page 106:
      This is the "flattie" model of this skiff — there was also a V-bottomed version similar to the m odified sharpie of Figure 6-4.
  5. A flattie spider.