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Alternative forms[edit]


flat +‎ top. Sense of “aircraft carrier” attributed to the message, “Scratch one flattop,” radioed by LCDR Robert E. Dixon to the USS Lexington, whose commanding officer credited the pilot with coining the standard USN slang.


flattop (plural flattops)

  1. (US) A short haircut in which the hair is brushed straight up then cut flat across the top.
    • 1959 Jerry Keller, "Here Comes Summer" (lyrics):
      Well school's not so bad but the summer's better
      Gives me more time to see my girl
      Walk through the park beneath the shiny moon
      Oh when we kiss she makes my flat top curl
  2. (US, navy, informal) An aircraft carrier. [from 1942]
  3. (music) A type of stringed instrument, most often an acoustic guitar, with a flat top (as opposed to an archtop), with strings held in place with pins, and with a complex system of bracing struts on the top.