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flatulence tax (plural flatulence taxes)

  1. A tax on methane emissions from cows first proposed in New Zealand.
    • 2001 May 21, Poop tax suggested for NZ stock farmers:
      A flatulence tax proposed to offset the damage to the ozone layer by farm animal gases could cost New Zealand farmers up to R15billion,
    • 2005, Harvey Blatt, America's Environmental Report Card: Are We Making the Grade?, page 137:
      We can safely assume they would not favor a flatulence tax. Rice cultivation and associated methane emissions are increasing to feed the exploding population
    • 2005, Dennis Urbans, God Wants You Healthy!, page 183:
      To meet these Kyoto targets, the New Zealand government has proposed a flatulence tax on farmers of sheep, cows, deer and goats.
    • 2007, Noel Botham, The Best Book of Useless Information Ever, page 124:
      New Zealand has abandoned plans for a flatulence tax on animals in the face of fierce opposition from farmers
    • 2008 December 5, “Flatulence tax could bankrupt farmers”, in Independent, UK:
      Belching cows and pigs could start costing farmers money if a proposal to charge fees for air-polluting animals becomes law.