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Alternative forms[edit]


Shortening of flexible box.


flexbox (countable and uncountable, plural flexboxes)

  1. (web development, uncountable) A CSS3 layout model that allows elements on a web page to be arranged in certain ways within a one-dimensional container.
    Internet Explorer 9 does not support flexbox.
  2. (web development, countable) An HTML element that utilizes this model.
    • 2012, Sergey Mavrody, Nika Mavrody, Sergey's HTML5 & CSS3: Quick Reference, page 112:
      The contents of a flexbox can be positioned in any direction, can have their order swapped dynamically, and can auto-adjust their sizes and positions based on available space.
    • 2013, Jeremy Foster, CSS for Windows 8 App Development, page 161:
      There's still quite a bit of tumult in the standards recommendations and implementations for flexboxes, but IE10 and Windows 8 has a good, solid implementation of this extremely helpful layout technique.
    • 2014, Andy Harris, HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies:
      You can nest flexboxes inside each other.

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