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Alternative forms[edit]


From fly + over.

A 1905 flyover (def. 2) in Lewin Kłodzki, Poland


flyover (plural flyovers)

  1. (US) A low-level flight, especially of military aircraft, of a ceremonial nature; a flypast (British).
  2. (Britain) A road or railway that passes over another, allowing routes to cross without interruption.
    • 1961 November, H. G. Ellison and P. G. Barlow, “Journey through France: Part One”, in Trains Illustrated, page 670:
      As our train to Paris dashed through the labyrynthine flyovers at Porchefontaine, barely a mile from Versailles, the 75 m.p.h. limit was already almost attained.
    Synonym: overpass
    Antonyms: underpass, flyunder
  3. (US) A high-level overpass built above main overpass lanes.

Derived terms[edit]