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Etymology 1[edit]

From fond +‎ -ling.


fondling (plural fondlings)

  1. (obsolete) A foolish person.
    • 1596, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, VI.6:
      Yet were her words and lookes but false and fayned, / To some hid end to make more easie way, / Or to allure such fondlings whom she trayned / Into her trap […].
    • 1847, Emily Brontë, chapter 10, in Wuthering Heights, volume I:
      'How can you say I am harsh, you naughty fondling?' cried the mistress, amazed at the unreasonable assertion.
  2. A pet or person who is fondled; someone who is much loved.


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Etymology 2[edit]

From fondle +‎ -ing.



  1. present participle of fondle
Derived terms[edit]


fondling (plural fondlings)

  1. The act of caressing; manifestation of tenderness.
    • (Can we date this quote by Mickle and provide title, author’s full name, and other details?)
      Cyrus made no [] amorous fondling / To fan her pride, or melt her guardless heart.


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