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Apparently a borrowing from German forsch ‎(brisk, perky, self-assertive).




foršs (def. foršais, comp. foršāks, sup. visforšākais; adv. forši)

  1. (colloquial) cool, good, fine, great, attractive
    es domāju, ka Toms ir foršs puisis — I think that Toms is a cool, attractive guy
    ir kāda forša sieviete no Rīgas, kas vēlētos šodien aiziet uz randiņu? — is there a cool, hot lady from Riga who would like to go out on a date today?
    esmu redzējis foršu filmu — I've seen a cool movie
    forša dziesmiņa — a cool little song
    forša sajūta — a cool, fine feeling
    arī matemātika var būt forša — also mathematics can be cool


Usage notes[edit]

The word foršs, though not listed in standard Latvian dictionaries, is very frequent, especially in colloquial language. Some advise against its use and suggest replacing it with other expressions.