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Etymology 1[edit]

A shortening of for one thing or for one person

Prepositional phrase[edit]

for one

  1. As the first in a number of examples.
    I don't like this carpet - for one, it doesn't suit our lounge room at all and it's also much too expensive.
  2. As a single given example, often the most obvious or important one and almost certainly enough to sway the argument, of several reasons for something.
    I am ashamed of you, son. We do not condone theft or violence, Ryan. It is, for one, illegal, and may as such may land you in jail or lead to other punishments.
  3. As one person among other people who may not hold the same opinion.
    • 2013, Daniel Taylor, Rickie Lambert's debut goal gives England victory over Scotland (in The Guardian, 14 August 2013)[1]
      Hart, for one, will not remember the night for Lambert's heroics. Morrison, not closed down quickly enough, struck his shot well but England's No1 will be aghast at the way it struck his gloves then skidded off his knees and into the net.
    I know you may not agree but I, for one, think we should get rid of this unfair piece of legislation.



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