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Etymology 1[edit]

From fore- +‎ coming (present participle).


forecoming (comparative more forecoming, superlative most forecoming)

  1. coming before; preceding

Etymology 2[edit]

From fore- +‎ coming (gerund).


forecoming (countable and uncountable, plural forecomings)

  1. The act or process of coming before, to the front, or to the fore; forthcoming; advent
    • 1916, Bulletin of the American Academy of Medicine, volume 17, page 462:
      It is, however, our earnest desire to interest the members of the profession of these United States in the forecoming of social insurance against sickness.
    • 2006, Vanessa Joosen, ‎Katrien Vloeberghs, Changing Concepts of Childhood and Children's Literature, page 55:
      The important thing is to be aware of one's own bias, so that the text may present itself in all its newness and thus be able to assert its own truth against its own forecomings.
    • 2011, Frederick Johnson Sr., The Authentic American Spirit, page 96:
      All of these new political arrivals are results of the governmental change, thus all are for bettering our nation's internal forecomings.