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forty +‎ -ish



  1. Close to the number forty
  2. About forty years old.



  1. Any number close to forty.
    • 1993, Quarterly bulletin of the Alpine Garden Society, volume 61-62‎, Alpine Garden Society (Great Britain), page 348:
      One problem it drops in our laps is to have developed all fortyish of its species within our temperate area, from the Falklands to the central temperate Andes.
    • 2003, Randall Robinson, The Reckoning: What Blacks Owe to Each Other:
      A great many black men are Mark Lawrence's age (fortyish), height (six-two-ish), weight (one-seventy-ish), and complexion (a reddish medium brown) that hints of a childhood of freckles and umber-red hair
    • 2004, Jean Lau Chin, The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination, page 46:
      In my day, more often than not, you had to break rank to join the very few fortyish-aged women (renegades) promoted
    • 2006, Harold F. Kratch, One Soldier's Memories, page 109:
      The day was cloudy, and the temperature was about fortyish.

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