fox's socks

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fox's socks (plural only)

  1. (rare, idiomatic, usually preceded by the) Something or someone that is ideal or very pleasing.
    • 2014 May 15, Ashley Nichole (@_NarcoticEffigy), "Profile," (retrieved 19 March 2017):
      @DEATHOFMYHEART is the fox's socks and will be an awesome father.
    • 2015 April 14, ub818, "Comment," (retrieved 19 March 2017):
      1920x1080 IPS LCD and the T450 touchpad is the fox's socks, in my opinion.
    • 2017 Jan. 27, @PostProMedia, "PostPro media tweet," (retrieved 19 March 2017):
      The new Credit Karma spots from TAXI are the fox's socks!