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From German Frankfurt. Compare frankfurter.


frankfurt (plural frankfurts)

  1. (US, Australia) A frankfurter; a hot dog sausage.
    • 1919, Michigan Office of Dairy and Food Commissioner, Annual report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner of the State of Michigan[1], volume 25, page 81:
      Sample of frankfurts procured from Stanley Kwiatkowski, Grand Rapids, Mich. Contains excessive amount of cereal.
    • 1942, Robert Byron Hinman, Robert Bernard Harris, The Story of Meat, page 137,
      Frankfurts of the highest quality are prepared generally from a mixture of approximately half beef and half pork.
    • 2018 June 10, smithxpj, “Ham banned in Broadmeadows”, in aus.consumers, Usenet[2]:
      As a kid in the 50s, (before we became infested with the current mish-mash of liquorice allsorts) pork fritz, devon, sliced ham, frankfurts, pork sausages...were all about as common a staple as you care to name. Even the Italians and Greeks of the time ate (and continue to eat) the stuff!!


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