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From German Frankfurt. Compare frankfurter.


frankfurt ‎(plural frankfurts)

  1. (US, Australia) A frankfurter; a hot dog sausage.
    • 1919, Michigan Office of Dairy and Food Commissioner, Annual report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner of the State of Michigan, Volume 25, page 81,
      Sample of frankfurts procured from Stanley Kwiatkowski, Grand Rapids, Mich. Contains excessive amount of cereal.
    • 1942, Robert Byron Hinman, Robert Bernard Harris, The Story of Meat, page 137,
      Frankfurts of the highest quality are prepared generally from a mixture of approximately half beef and half pork.
    • 2016 June 10, smithxpj, “Ham banned in Broadmeadows”, in aus.consumers, Usenet[1]:
      As a kid in the 50s, (before we became infested with the current mish-mash of liquorice allsorts) pork fritz, devon, sliced ham, frankfurts, pork sausages...were all about as common a staple as you care to name. Even the Italians and Greeks of the time ate (and continue to eat) the stuff!!


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