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From free +‎ -some.


freesome (comparative more freesome, superlative most freesome)

  1. Characterised or marked by freedom
    • 1923, Clarence Colman, My Philippine Remembrances:
      And in a freesome spirit of fromage.
    • 2016, BJ Reluctant, The Whoring Lesbian Housewife:
      She was intrigued, suddenly. She said, "Anybody I know?" "My wife," he said. "And another." "Oh my God!" she said. That's too amazing. A freesome threesome. Isn't that the Seventies in New York all over for you.


freesome (plural freesomes)

  1. A free and open pairing among individuals, usually for casual sex; a free for all
    • 1976, Sean Treacy, Shay Scally and Manny Wagstaff:
      If so, why don't you bring her along and we'll have a freesome.
    • 2009, Jennifer Fallon, The Immortal Prince:
      “I don't do freesomes,” she announced petulantly.