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From Middle English frigiditee, frigidite, a borrowing from Middle French frigidité, itself a borrowing from Latin frīgiditātem, accusative of Latin frīgiditās.


frigidity (countable and uncountable, plural frigidities)

  1. The state of being frigid; coldness; lack of heat.
  2. Coldness of feeling, manner or quality; lack of ardor, animation or vivacity.
    Synonyms: chilliness, dullness
  3. Lack of natural heat and vigor of body; impotency.
    • 1650, Thomas Browne, “Of the Cameleon”, in Pseudodoxia Epidemica: [], 2nd edition, London: [] A. Miller, for Edw[ard] Dod and Nath[aniel] Ekins, [], OCLC 152706203, 3rd book, page 133:
      It cannot be denied it [the chameleon] is (if not the moſt of any) a very abſtemious animall, and ſuch as by reaſon of its frigidity, paucity of bloud, and latitancy in the winter (about which time the obſervations are often made) will long ſubſist without a viſible ſuſtentation.



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