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frog +‎ -ness


frogness (uncountable)

  1. the state, quality, or condition of a frog.
    • 1988, Stanislav Grof, The Adventure of Self-Discovery, page 58:
      Rather than empathy with what I might imagine a snake or frog might feel, I was sufficiently absorbed in snakeness and frogness as to wonder how the humans around me might feel.
    • 1998, Sondra Horton Fraleigh, ‎Penelope Hanstein, Researching Dance: Evolving Modes of Inquiry, page 198:
      I am obligated to explain frogness at this point, but I will let it go for now, lest we be led into a discussion regarding instinct and into speculations on nature you might have felt lurking in the original question the minute you saw it.
    • 2012, Charlotte Sleigh, Frog, page 127:
      Just as in Roux's case, it takes work to learn to use a frog, and more work still to strip it of its frogness and transform it into a standard organism that works the same as all other species.

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