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fructification (countable and uncountable, plural fructifications)

  1. (botany) The act of forming or producing fruit; the act of fructifying, or rendering productive of fruit; fecundation.
    • 2012, V. Rybacek, Hop Production, page 104:
      In nature, the wild hop is usually shadowed during its growing period by bushes and trees, and it is only those aboveground parts which are intensively illuminated which pass into fructification period.
    • 2013, Martin Aluja, Fruit Flies: Biology and Management, page 384:
      Lucuma salicifolia (canistal) and Micropholis mexicana (wild apricot) are the most infested fruit species. They have a very short fructification period.
    • 2014, Victor R. Preedy, Coffee in Health and Disease Prevention[1], page 43:
      Studying the duration of the flowering-fructification period among interspecific first-generation back-cross progenies of African species showed that this trait is positively correlated (r=0.78) with 100-seed weight and caffeine content.
  2. (botany) The collective organs by which a plant produces its fruit, or seeds, or reproductive spores.
    • 1824, Robert Kaye Greville, Flora Edinensis: Or, A Description of Plants Growing Near Edinburgh[2], page 332:
      The fructification is liable to become very convex in age.
    • 1836, William Paul Crillon Barton, Elements of Botany[3], page 89:
      The essence of the fructification consists in the flower and the fruit.
    • 2012, Sergei Meyen, Fundamentals of Palaeobotany[4], page 380:
      Postheterotopic transformations played a great role in the evolution of fructifications. The formation of specialized seed-like sporophylls in the Lepidocarpaceae, of strobilar fructifications in the Noeggerathiales, of various capsules and other seed-bearing organs of many gymnosperms belong here.