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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


From Middle Irish fúasclaid ‎(releases, delivers; redeems; relieves, assuages; solves), a late form of fúaslaici, fúasailci ‎(looses, opens, sets free; releases, delivers; redeems; loosens; dissolves, annuls) formed by metathesis, probably from Old Irish do·fuasailci ‎(loosens, relaxes; sets free, releases; dissolves, resolves (into constituent elements); unsheathes; solves (a question, etc.); relaxes, remits (bondage, an obligation, etc.); dissolves, destroys), through loss of the first preverb.


fuasgail ‎(past dh'fhuasgail, future fuasgailidh, verbal noun fuasgladh, past participle fuasgailte)

  1. release, free, liberate
  2. loosen, untie, disentangle
  3. solve, resolve