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gangsta +‎ -fy +‎ -ed


gangstafied (comparative more gangstafied, superlative most gangstafied)

  1. (slang) Having the characteristics of a member of an urban gang and/or of gangsta rap.
    • 1999, dream hampton, "Eternal Gangsta", Vibe, October 1999, page 120:
      After first Cube and then Dre defected from N.W.A, Eazy's brand of gangstafied hip hop lost much of its cinematic flair, political undertones, and funky edge, and "Eazy Muthafuckin' E" began bordering on the cartoonish.
    • 2000, Margeaux Watson, "Welcome To The Home-Video Zone", Vibe, May 2000, page 65:
      Plot: In the spirit of I'm Bout It, Big Ballers is a gangstafied tale about dealing dope in the dirty South.
    • 2007, Jason D. Haugen, "The Geto Boys", Icons of Hip Hop: An Encyclopedia of the Movement, Music, And Culture (Mickey Hess), Greenwood Press (2007), →ISBN, page 249:
      As with most gangsta rap as a genre, the Geto Boys' narratives emphasize drug dealing and other "gangstafied" images, and all of these tales require a certain level of authenticity to be taken seriously by the audience.
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