garbage in, garbage out

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garbage in, garbage out

  1. (computing, information technology, translation studies) If input data are not complete, accurate, and timely, then the resulting output is unreliable and of no useful value.
    • 1963 April 1, Raymond Crowley, “Robot Tax Collector Seeks Indications of 'Fudging'”, in Times Daily, Alabama, USA, retrieved 26 July 2010:
      Officials explained that the quality of the computer's work depends on the quality of the data fed into it. Neil Hoke, administrative assistant to Stewart, quoted an adage of computer men: "Garbage in, garbage out."
    • 2008, Roger K. Lewis, "'In Architectural Design, Brains and Talent Trump the Best Software," Washington Post, 19 July (retrieved 26 July 2010):
      The old caveat "GIGO"—garbage in, garbage out—is as valid in architectural design as in any other computer-aided activity.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Even though the word garbage is chiefly American English, garbage in, garbage out may also be used in British English.



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