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gimp +‎ -ed



  1. simple past tense and past participle of gimp


gimped (comparative more gimped, superlative most gimped)

  1. (of yarn, cord, thread, wire, etc.) Wrapped or wound tightly with a second length of yarn or wire in a tight spiral, often by means of a gimping machine, leaving the core yarn straight and protected (gimped yarn). Also, generally, wrapped or twisted with string or wire (gimped buttons).
  2. (of fabric, curtains, clothing, or similar) Adorned with gimp (decorative trim); edged or embroidered.
  3. Jagged, as a jagged or uneven edge or outline; notched, edged with serrations or grooves; nicked, dented.
    • 1908, Cassell and Company, The Nature Book[1], page 158:
      The leaves... are slightly “gimped,” and this gives them an apparently wavy outline.
  4. (informal) Crippled, injured; damaged as to awkwardly impede function.
    • 2003, Scott Oglesby, Riding High[2], page 60:
      Then he wheeled him around and began pushing him lickety-split down the hall, the chair's rickety wheels squealing like a gimped grocery cart.
  5. (informal, computing) Modified by means of GIMP

Derived terms[edit]