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glair +‎ -y



glairy (comparative more glairy, superlative most glairy)

  1. (obsolete) Of or pertaining to glair; slimy, viscous and transparent.
    • 1841, Golding Bird, “Contributions to the chemical pathology of some forms of morbid digestion”, in London Medical Gazette: Or, Journal of Practical Medicine[1], page 726:
      I have in no case of stomach affection attended with discharge of white glairy fluid, whether depending upon a functional or organic cause, observed the colour to change to brown, or even in consistence to assume the completely watery character of the dark fluids vomited in scirrhus pylorus.
    • 1854 May 1, Daniel Drake, The Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery[2], page 369:
      Black vomit is nothing but a hœmorrhage from the stomach, and may exist in any degree, from a few particles of blood mixed, as it were, into a quantity of light glairy fluid, presenting the appearance of floating dark specks or flocculi, to that of a rapid and profuse discharge of pure red blood.
    • 1876 June 1, Richard J. Halton, “Excoriations of the Os and Cervix Uteri, with some Observations on their Diagnosis, Causation, and Treatment”, in The Dublin Journal of Medical Science[3], volume 61, page 508:
      When both lips were excoriated, and the cervical canal blocked with glairy mucus, the numbness and tingling was still confined to one thigh, most commonly the left, while there was pain on deep pressure in the pelvis confined to that side.