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gleam +‎ -y


gleamy (comparative gleamier, superlative gleamiest)

  1. shiny, bright, glowing
    • 1828, Thomas Gent, Poems (1828)[1]:
      Yet, still thy name its energies shall deal, When wild storms gather round thy country's sun; Her glowing youth shall grasp the gleamy steel, Rank'd round the glorious wreaths which thou hast won!
    • 1896, (Edited by William Knight), The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth[2]:
      [58] While pastoral pipes and streams the landscape lull, 220 And bells of passing mules that tinkle dull, In solemn shapes before the admiring eye Dilated hang the misty pines on high, Huge convent domes with pinnacles and towers, And antique castles seen through gleamy [59] showers. 225 From such romantic dreams, my soul, awake!
    • 1920, May Edginton, Married Life[3]:
      She set them together and opened her lips to show him all the gleamy whiteness between.
    • 1958, Robert W. Service, Rhymes of a Rolling Stone[4]:
      Your hair was all a gleamy gold, your eyes a corn-flower blue; Your cheeks were pink as tinted shells, you stepped light as a fawn; Your mouth was like a coral bud, with seed pearls peeping through; As gladdening as Spring you were, as radiant as dawn.