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From glow +‎ up, modelled after grow up.


glow-up (plural glow-ups)

  1. The complete transformation of a person's appearance for the better.
    • 2016 October 13, Caelan Hughes, “CoverBoy James Charles Shows His Glow-Up With An Adorable TBT Photo”, in Seventeen:
      (see title)
    • 2017 June 27, Olivia Harvey, “This supermodel was on "iCarly," and we totally missed this glow-up”, in Hello Giggles:
      As iCarly has taught us, glow-ups can happen to anyone.
    • 2017 September 27, Alaina Demopoulos, “Why I Ditched My Go-To Black Eyeliner For a $4 Drugstore One”, in PopSugar:
      We've all heard of glow-ups, where a person Draco Malfoys out of their awkward phase and emerges a beautiful butterfly.
    • 2017 September 27, Jessica Bennett, “Teyana Taylor & Family Land Reality Show”, in Ebony:
      Over the past two years, Teyana Taylor has achieved one of the most undeniable glow-ups in the biz, booking gig after gig while continuing to to impress the masses with her multitalented self.
    • 2017, Vicky Pattison, My Sister's Wedding, →ISBN:
      I recognised this in college, before he got his teeth done, before he got the tan and the confidence and the style, back when he was obsessed with Eminem and had terrible bleached hair. I bagged him as my bestie nice and early, before his uber glow-up.
    • 2017 October 27, Kimberly Truong, “This Teen's Viral "Glow-Up" Inspired Other People To Share Their Coming-Out Stories”, in Refinery29:
      A glow-up can consist of a lot of things, from a more typical physical glow-up to a personal growing process.