glucocorticoid receptor

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glucocorticoid receptor (plural glucocorticoid receptors)

  1. (biochemistry) A protein found in multiple forms within cells, which binds glucocorticoids and subsequently influences gene transcription.
    • 1972 Levinson, B. B.; Baxter, J. D.; Rousseau, G. G.; Tomkins, G. M. "Cellular site of glucocorticoid-receptor complex formation." Science 175, no. 18 (14 January 1972): 189–190, .
      The cellular site of binding of dexamethasone by specific glucocorticoid receptors in cultured hepatoma cells was investigated with the use of certain mercurials.
    • 2009 Zimmer, Carl. "Can Evolution Run in Reverse? A Study Says It’s a One-Way Street," New York Times, 28 September 2009 [cited 18 December 2009], Science section, online edition,
      They studied a protein called a glucocorticoid receptor that helps humans and most other vertebrates cope with stress by grabbing a hormone called cortisol and then switching on stress-defense genes.