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From goal +‎ keeper.


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  • Hyphenation: goal‧keep‧er
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goalkeeper (plural goalkeepers)

  1. (sports) A designated player that attempts to prevent the opposing team from scoring by protecting a goal.
    Synonyms: goalie, goalminder, goaltender, keeper, netkeeper, netminder, (slang) stopper
    • 2012 June 9, Owen Phillips, “Euro 2012: Netherlands 0-1 Denmark”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      Krohn-Dehli took advantage of a lucky bounce of the ball after a battling run on the left flank by Simon Poulsen, dummied two defenders and shot low through goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg's legs after 24 minutes.

Usage notes

  • In ice hockey and lacrosse goaltender is the correct term and in most other sports goalkeeper is the correct term. However, the terms are often used interchangeably.