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goat +‎ meat


goatmeat (uncountable)

  1. The meat of a goat, used as food; chevon.
    • 1850, Lewis H. Garrard, Wah-To-Wah and the Taos Trail, H. W. Derby & Co, (1850), page 125:
      Smith's gravity relaxed in a degree; and I, being crammed with goatmeat, felt finely.
    • 1992, Lucy M. Dobkins, Daddy, There's a Hippo in the Grapes, Pelican (1992), ISBN 0882898892, page 59:
      The wonderful smells of vegetable goatmeat stew and baked bread filled the house.
    • 1994, Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing, Vintage International (1995), ISBN 0394574753, page 102:
      They called him caballero for all his sixteen years and he sat with his hat pushed back and his boots crossed before him and ate beans and napolitos and a machaca made from dried goatmeat that was rank and black and stringy and dusted with dry red pepper for traveling.
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