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From goddess +‎ -ling.


goddessling (plural goddesslings)

  1. (religion) A minor female divinity; a local or inferior goddess.
    • 1928, The Journal of the Anthropological Society of Bombay, volume 14, page 811:
      The cult of the goddessling Suo-Duo or So-Do is so strongly prevalent in Lower Bengal that, on the Pous Sankrant Day or Makar Sankrant Day, which falls on or about...
    • 1984, Indian Culture: Journal of the Indian Research Institute, volume 4, page 247:
      After they had become Hinduized and had adopted Hindu manners and customs, they began to worship a number of Hindu godlings and goddesslings along with their old tribal deities.
    • 1988, Laurence Lerner, "Ovid and the Elizabethans", Ovid Renewed, page 134:
      its paganism looks away from nature to myth or (as Coleridge unkindly put it when preferring Hebrew poetry to Greek), for the Greeks ‘all natural objects were dead – mere hollow statues – but there was a godkin or goddessling included in each’.

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