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Gollum +‎ -ish


gollumish (comparative more gollumish, superlative most gollumish)

  1. (informal) Having similar traits to the fictional character Gollum, including obsessiveness, sinisterness or talking in an unusual manner often punctuated by hissing sounds.
    • 2003: "I do feel a bit Gollumish about it…" —alt.support.low-carb, 12 Nov 2003
    • 2004: "With the gollumish Tony Blair never far away, urging him on, George W Bush doggedly climbed his own Mt Doom and thrust the Coalition of the Willing into the fire – along with a few thousand apparently expendable human lives." —The New Zealand Listener, Vol 191, "2003 reloaded", 27 Jan 2004

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