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A girl and her cat


From grand- +‎ cat, by analogy with grandchild.



grandcat (plural grandcats)

  1. (humorous, affectionate) A cat owned by one's child, having a status comparable to a grandchild.
    • 2004, Ellen Goodman, “A Sense of Place”, in Paper Trail: Common Sense in Uncommon Times, New York, N.Y.: Simon & Schuster, →ISBN:
      This cat—my daughter's cat and my grandcat—arrived here weeks ago, caged and collared and thoroughly citified.
    • 2006 July 1, Barbie Root, “July 2006”, in Life After Katrina: A Family's Story of Trial and Triumph, [Mustang, Okla.]: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, published 2009, →ISBN, page 325:
      I'm heading to GR tomorrow to bring the cat to Mom/Maurice for a couple of weeks. I'm heading to Tokyo the week of July 11, so they have to take care of their grandcat!