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From Ancient Greek γράφω (gráphō, to draw, paint, sketch; to write) +‎ -ισμός (-ismós, -ism, a suffix forming abstract nouns of action, state, condition, or doctrine).



graphism (countable and uncountable, plural graphisms)

  1. The expression of thought in material symbols.
    • 1993, Randall White, Gesture and Speech, Introduction, page xix:
      The complex but fundamental relationship between language and graphism is one of the more provocative recognitions of Gesture and Speech.
    • 2014, Colonial Mediascapes, page 297:
      In effect, the analogy of writing that lies at the core of graphism has subtly colonized the conversation.
    • 2014, Rebecca Mark, Ersatz America[1]:
      Visceral and biomorphic graphism resists dominant ideologies by maintaining independence from voice, but unlike other forms of disconnected graphism, visceral graphism does not engage in a degenerative turn; it inherently generates new meaning.