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Blend of grapheme +‎ dialect, coined by linguist Einar Haugen in 1964.

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grapholect (plural grapholects)

  1. (linguistics) A written variant of a language, analogous to a spoken dialect of a language.
    • 1993, Gajendra K. Verma, Inequality and teacher education: an international perspective‎, page 188:
      The grapholect of Standard English is not the exclusive system that arbiters of cultural purity wish to 'correct' us into believing
    • 1993, MHM Heng, Three Dimensions of Information Technology Applications: A Historical Perspective:
      A grapholect is a transdialectical language formed by deep commitment to writing. An example of grapholect is the (written) Chinese language. Almost any Standard language, such as Standard Dutch or Standard English is a grapholect.