green crop

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green crop (plural green crops)

  1. (obsolete, agriculture) A vegetable crop, as opposed to a cereal crop; a crop which has green leaves when harvested
    • 1794 Bryce Johnson General View of the Agriculture of the County of Dumfries (London: T. Wright) pp.20-21:
      After opening from pasture, two crops of oats; one of any green crop, as peas or beans in broad cast, or potatoes or turnips in drills, all with sufficient dunging; one of barley in broad cast, sown down with rye-grass and clover seeds ; two in hay, and four in pasture. This rotation is completed in ten years. Many leave out the green crop, which reduces the rotation to nine years.
    • 1837 August 15, The Farmers' Cabinet (Philadelphia) "Explanation of Terms" Vol.II No.2 p.26:
      22. Green Crops—are such as continue green while ripening their seed, or till taken off the ground; such as peas, beans, cabbage, carrots, turneps [sic], &c.