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green +‎ -ly


greenly (comparative more greenly, superlative most greenly)

  1. With a green colour.
    • 1844, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lady Geraldine's Courtship
      But within this swarded circle, into which the lime-walk brings us —
      Whence the beeches rounded greenly, stand away in reverent fear;
      I will let no music enter, saving what the fountain sings us []
    • 1865, Louisa May Alcott, Moods, page 131:
      Sylvia loved dancing, and knew "wall flowers" only by sight; therefore she was busy; her lover's gift shone greenly in bosom, hair, and fleecy skirts []
    • 1939, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Ingleside
      What was that gleaming greenly on Mother's hand? A ring . . . Dad's present.
  2. In a naive or immature manner.
    • 1880, Robert W. Bigham, ‎Thomas Osmond Summers, Wine and Blood (page 53)
      They [] proposed that we should join them in a plan to drench the president next morning with freezing water. We consented greenly enough.