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From green +‎ out. Compare English blackout, whiteout.


greenout (countable and uncountable, plural greenouts)

  1. (Antarctica) The sensation caused by seeing plants again after a period in Antarctica.
    • [2001 June 9, Hince, Bernadette, “Antarctic Dictionary (transcript)”, in The Science Show[1], Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
      One of my favourites is 'greenout', for which I only found a single quotation, which is the experience you have when you've been in Antarctica which has very little vegetation, no trees or shrubs, not many smells of the vegetation, and you come back after weeks, months or a year or more to a vegetated place and the warm air is blowing off the continent that you're coming towards and you have a 'greenout' - you're overwhelmed by the sensations.]
    • 2008 December 10, Mittlefehldt, David "Duck", “The Antarctic search for meteorites: preparations”, in The Planetary Society blog[2]:
      Maybe a trip to the greenhouse will lessen my feeling of greenout when I go north?
  2. (slang) A feeling of sickness as a result of consuming excessive amounts of cannabis.
    • 2015 September 25, Jason Wilson, “I tried recipes from the Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, then I needed a long nap”, in The Guardian[3]:
      It [The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook] also offers constant reminders about dosages and prudent consumption, so that noobs don’t do a Maureen Dowd and abandon pot after a single greenout.
    • [2018 September 10, Dave Dormer, “Why overdose may be the wrong word when it comes to cannabis”, in CBC[4]:
      One name gaining popularity is "greenout," which is when someone gets sick after smoking or eating cannabis.]
    • 2019 October 16, Aiza Bhuiyan, Sophie Partridge-Hicks, Gabe Samandi, “UPDATED: Clearing the Air: Addressing The Misconceptions about "E-Cigs"”, in Fordham Observer[5]:
      Students were also asked if they had ever witnessed or experienced "negative health effects" due to smoking weed or vaporized THC. These effects were defined as any kind of adverse reaction to inhaling a substance, most commonly reported as asthma attacks, seizures or "greenouts" — an experience where one dissociates from their body, similar to sleep paralysis.

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