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Greenware (1)


green +‎ -ware. From the concept that it is not yet ripe but rather needs time to age before being ready.


greenware ‎(usually uncountable, plural greenwares)

  1. (ceramics, usually uncountable) Pottery that has been shaped but not yet fired, especially while it is drying prior to being fireable.
    • 1991, Irene Wittig, The Clay Canvas[1], ISBN 080198016X, page 9:
      Greenware needs to be cleaned and then fired to bisque.
  2. (ceramics, rare) A form of Chinese pottery having a green glaze.
    • 1983, Yaw Lu and Mary Tregear, Song Ceramics[2], ISBN 9971837269, page 5:
      Other kilns in Shaanxi and Henan and other provinces in the North, like Shanxi and Shandong, also produced greenwares during the Song period.


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