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Greenware (1)


From green +‎ -ware. From the concept that it is not yet "ripe" but rather needs time to age before being ready.


greenware (usually uncountable, plural greenwares)

  1. (ceramics, usually uncountable) Pottery that has been shaped but not yet fired, especially while it is drying prior to being fireable.
    • 1991, Irene Wittig, The Clay Canvas[1], →ISBN, page 9:
      Greenware needs to be cleaned and then fired to bisque.
  2. (ceramics, rare) A form of Chinese pottery having a green glaze.
    • 1983, Yaw Lu, Mary Tregear, Song Ceramics[2], →ISBN, page 5:
      Other kilns in Shaanxi and Henan and other provinces in the North, like Shanxi and Shandong, also produced greenwares during the Song period.

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