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gross out (plural gross outs)

  1. (sometimes hyphenated, especially when used attributively) Something which sickens, causes distress, or appalls by reason of being disgusting, gory, or repulsive.
    • 1993 May 21, Janet Maslin, "From 'Rambo' to Rodham, Smirking All the Way" (film review of Hot Shots! Part Deux), New York Times (retrieved 22 April 2014):
      [T]his film is refreshingly low on scatological gags and other gross-out humor, preferring all-purpose bad jokes to bathroom ones.
    • 2014 April 19, Stephen Schaefer, "Wayans’ ‘Haunted’ sequel fails 
to scare up laughs" (film review), Boston Herald (retrieved 22 April 2014):
      . . . another ramshackle assortment of sight gags, scares, laughs and gross-outs . . .
    • 2016 February 23, Robbie Collin, “Grimsby review: ' Sacha Baron Cohen's vital, venomous action movie'”, in The Daily Telegraph (London):
      On the surface, the film is a globe-trotting gross-out caper in which Nobby, who's from a hellish version of the titular Lincolnshire town ("twinned with Chernobyl"), is reunited with his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong), who has become a spy for the British secret services.


gross out (third-person singular simple present grosses out, present participle grossing out, simple past and past participle grossed out)

  1. (transitive) To sicken or distress (someone) by being disgusting, gory, or appalling.
    • 2013 Aug. 22, Ann Oldenburg, "Beardless 'Duck Dynasty' brother reveals wild past" (video game review), USA Today (retrieved 22 April 2014):
      Lisa likes him clean-shaven. "You know, when there's things crawling out of your beard or whenever you've got food left from lunch or dinner, I don't know, that just kind of grosses me out," she says.
    • 2014 March 4, Chris Suellentrop, "Trey Parker and Matt Stone Make a ‘South Park’ Game" (video game review), New York Times (retrieved 22 April 2014):
      The Stick of Truth is a game where you can choose to use a toilet and then, later, fling the result at your enemies to weaken them by grossing them out.


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