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gross out (plural gross outs)

  1. (informal, chiefly Canada, US) Something which sickens, causes distress, or appalls by reason of being disgusting, gory, or repulsive.
    • 1993 May 21, Janet Maslin, "From 'Rambo' to Rodham, Smirking All the Way" (film review of Hot Shots! Part Deux), New York Times (retrieved 22 April 2014):
      [T]his film is refreshingly low on scatological gags and other gross-out humor, preferring all-purpose bad jokes to bathroom ones.
    • 2014 April 19, Stephen Schaefer, "Wayans’ ‘Haunted’ sequel fails to scare up laughs" (film review), Boston Herald (retrieved 22 April 2014):
      . . . another ramshackle assortment of sight gags, scares, laughs and gross-outs []
    • 2016 February 23, Robbie Collin, “Grimsby review: ' Sacha Baron Cohen's vital, venomous action movie'”, in The Daily Telegraph (London):
      On the surface, the film is a globe-trotting gross-out caper in which Nobby, who's from a hellish version of the titular Lincolnshire town ("twinned with Chernobyl"), is reunited with his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong), who has become a spy for the British secret services.


gross out (third-person singular simple present grosses out, present participle grossing out, simple past and past participle grossed out)

  1. (informal, transitive, chiefly Canada, US) To sicken or distress (someone) by being disgusting, gory, or lewd.
    • 2013 Aug. 22, Ann Oldenburg, "Beardless 'Duck Dynasty' brother reveals wild past" (video game review), USA Today (retrieved 22 April 2014):
      Lisa likes him clean-shaven. "You know, when there's things crawling out of your beard or whenever you've got food left from lunch or dinner, I don't know, that just kind of grosses me out," she says.
    • 2014 March 4, Chris Suellentrop, "Trey Parker and Matt Stone Make a ‘South Park’ Game" (video game review), New York Times (retrieved 22 April 2014):
      The Stick of Truth is a game where you can choose to use a toilet and then, later, fling the result at your enemies to weaken them by grossing them out.


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