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From gym + muscles.


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gym muscles (plurale tantum)

  1. (slang, derogatory) Large, aesthetic, well-developed muscles, especially ones that are believed to be overly large or impractical.
    • 2003, Elaine Viets, Shop till you Drop: a Dead-end Job Mystery‎, page 84:
      He was six feet tall and strong, but without the gnarled gym muscles Helen hated.
    • 2006, Alex Duval, Vampire Beach: Initiation‎, page 94:
      Sienna reached out, grabbed Jason's hand, and ran his fingers across her taut abs. Jason tried to look unimpressed. "Gym muscles," Tyler scoffed.
    • 2008, Elaine Viets, Murder With Reservations‎, page 144:
      Physical labor gave her muscles, but not sculpted gym muscles.
    • 2009, Grant McCrea, Drawing Dead‎, page 67:
      Sure, the sick Italian fuck had muscles on top of the muscles all over his chunky irritating self. But they were gym muscles. Bench-press-with- your-iPod muscles.
    • 2009, Mehmet Murat Somer, The Kiss Murder‎, page 138:
      He didn't have puffed-up gym muscles. His strapping body had a rippling stomach, ridged like a tray of baklava.
    • 2010, Alexander Irvine, Iron Man 2: The Junior Novel, page 109:
      [] and he realized that, unlike a lot of big guys with gym muscles, the guard could take a punch.